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A Model for Microcontroller Functionality Upset Induced by External Pulsed Electromagnetic Irradiation

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XL Scientific, LLC Albuquerque United States

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We present a model that provides predictions for the occurrence of disruptive deviations of signal line activity in and consequent malfunction of a microcontroller microC subjected to external irradiation by a narrowband electromagnetic EM pulse. In our model, the state of a microC is completely specified by giving, for each of its relevant signal lines, the signal pulse train SPT time history on the line during any fixed but arbitrary time window of interest. The occurrence of such disruptive deviations is observed experimentally to behave stochastically in at least some EM pulse frequency regimes for example, in the radio frequency RF regime and our model provides predictions for the probability of such disruptions based upon all relevant characteristics of the EM pulse and of the microC SPTs. In the present paper we focus our attention on signals traversing a single microC signal line.

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Technical Report,22 Nov 2015,21 Nov 2016



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