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Characterization of Vertical Impact Device Acceleration Pulses Using Parametric Assessment: Phase IV Dual Impact Pulses

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Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Oak Ridge United States

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The Aircrew Biodynamics and Protection ABP Team of AFRL 711 HPWRHCPT and their in-house technical support contractor, Infoscitex, conducted a series of tests to identify the performance capabilities of the Vertical Impact Device VID and the Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin WIAMan seat. Phase IV was conducted to continue research of the facilitys performance capabilities based on specific seat configurations. The experimental design, consisting of four different seat configurations with a restrained manikin, was evaluated in four different test series. The results provided in this report will be used as a reference for future test applications performed within the 711 HPW, as a benchmark for post-refurbishment and post-maintenance performance verification, and to potentially determine the degree of participation in the Armys WIAMan development program. This test phase was the fourth of multiple phases and focused on the effects the facilitys new seat fixture had on the acceleration pulse and calculated velocity change at different locations on the seat structure. Two different WIAMan seat configurations were tested with a restrained manikin in each configuration.

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2013,01 Sep 2016



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