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Cognitive Impairment in MS Linked to Structural and Functional Connectivity

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The Research Foundation of State University Stony Brook United States

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Multiple sclerosis MS is the most common progressive neurologic disorder to occur in adults of working-age. Pathologically, MS is characterized by demyelination, immune-mediated inflammation and neurodegeneration within the central nervous system CNS. Cognitive impairment is estimated to occur in up to 70 of all patients. In this study, the measure of cognitive impairment used, called intra-individual variability IIV, can detect variability in each subjects performance over time. This is a sensitive indicator of cognitive impairment in individuals with neurological disorders including MS. Multiple types of brain imaging will be used to acquire data from participants, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI and Positron Emission Tomography PET. Data from the first 10 subjects in each cohort has been acquired, pre-processed and both raw data and image analysis outputs have been put through extensive quality controlassurance analysis. The significance of our preliminary findings suggest we may be able to uncover early biological underpinnings of cognitive impairment, which could both improve our understanding of MS and help in the development of novel therapeutics for this impairment.

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Technical Report,29 Sep 2015,28 Sep 2016



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