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Secreted HSP Vaccine for Malaria Prophylaxis

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University of Miami Coral Gables United States

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The innovative approach taken by our laboratory, relies on secreted gp96-lg chaperoning antigenic proteins that are efficiently taken up by activated APCs and cross presented via MHC I to CDB CTL, thereby stimulating an avid, antigen specific, cytotoxic CDB T cell response. Here we developed malaria vaccine that relies on secreted gp96-lg chaperoning Plasmodium falciparum antigenic sporozoite proteins CSP and AMA1. The generation of a powerful, cytotoxic anti sporozoite CDB CTL response by the vaccine is expected to provide prophylactic immunity for malaria by removing infected liver cells before sporozoites can replicate and spread to the erythrocyte stage causing parasitemia. In the third year, we completed all proposed mouse immunogenicity experiments that addressed the effect of secondary 293-9p96-lg PfAMAI-PfCSP immunization and induced memory responses as well as we compared the immunogenicity of the 293-9p96-lgPfAMAl-PfCSP vaccine to the immunogenicity of NMRC-M3V-DIAd-PfCA vaccine. We found that gp96-lg vaccination provided stronger antigen specific CD8 T cell responses, systemically as well as in the liver. We have also completed manufacturing of GMP-grade vaccine material for use in non-human primate studies.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2015,29 Sep 2016



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