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Transplantation of Reprogrammed Autologous Stem Cells for Chronic Pain and Drug Abuse

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University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago United States

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This project is a Partnering PI option with Dr. Jianguo Cheng at CCF as Initiating PI and Dr. Tingyu Qu at UIC as Partnering PI. The specific aims are to generate functional chromaffin-like cells CLCs from mesenchymal stem cells MSCs and to investigate the analgesic and anti-tolerance effects and the safety of CLCs in animal models. We have conducted the proposed experiments as outlined in SOW. Specifically,we have produced CLCs by reprogramming human MSCs hMSCs with the extracts of porcine adrenal chromaffin cells. We have harvested bone marrow tissues from rats and isolated, cultured, and expanded rat MSCs rMSCs for the targeted reprogramming by using cellular extracts of porcine adrenal chromaffin cells to produce CLCs. Spinal injection of human CLCs hCLCs in rats produced significant anti-nociceptive effects. No tumor formation and abnormal cell growth were found in SCID mice with hCLC transplantation, suggesting the safety of these cells and their parent cells, i.e., hMSCs, as therapeutics. Recently, we found that even nave MSCs at their early passagespassage 5 had significant analgesic and robust anti-tolerance effects in both cellular and animal models. Our research has led to 5 posterpresentations at conferences, 3 publications, one published patent, and 2 manuscripts currently in preparation.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2011,29 Apr 2016



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