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External Aiding Methods for IMU-Based Navigation

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Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla United States

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A primary aspect involved in the navigation of a wide variety of vehicles, such as ground vehicles and aircraft, is the use of inertial measurement units, which provide an internal measure of the linear acceleration and angular velocity of the vehicle in order to be used by a navigation system in the dead reckoning of the vehicles position and attitude. Due to the nature of sensors, the measurement of the linear acceleration and angular velocity are corrupted by several error sources, such as bias and noise, amongst others. Another key element involved in the navigation of vehicles is the use of external aiding via additional sensors, such as range-finders or star cameras, where the purpose of these sensors is to aid navigation by providing measurements relative to the external environment in which the vehicle is operating. In order to assess the coupled impact of these sensors, along with their inherent uncertainties, on the navigation accuracy for an arbitrary vehicle, a simulation and analysis tool is developed. The developed tool is capable of modeling different sensors in a variety of configurations and performing studies via Monte Carlo and linear covariance analyses to determine the achievable navigation accuracies of a prescribed sensor suite.

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Technical Report,27 Aug 2014,26 Aug 2016



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