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Manpower Systems Integration Factors for Frigate Design in the Turkish Navy

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This research examines the manpower systems integration factors for frigate design in the Turkish Navy. The qualitative and quantitative analyses of the correlation between ship design specifications and manpower requirements play a pivotal role in this research. Information about 45 frigate classes from 29countries is collected from the Information Handling Services Janes Fighting Ships database and varying approaches of different nations in manning of the frigates in their navies are discussed in detail. Furthermore, a regression analysis is conducted by fitting a model using the sample data to examine the variance in crew complements of those frigates. The correlation between the ship design characteristics and the manpower requirements is supported by the quantitative analysis. This research supports the importance of using Human Systems Integration in the Turkish frigate design. Adoption of a standard workweek by the Turkish Navy to measure the man-hours required to develop a Ship Manpower Document for the Turkish Frigate2000 project is recommended. This research also recommends expanding the Human Systems Integration domains in frigate procurement.

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