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Continuous Monitoring of Mobility, Burial and Re exposure of Underwater Munitions in Energetic Near Shore Environments

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole United States

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The development of predictive models and measurement techniques for the mobility, burial, and re-exposure of munitions is essential to planning remediation efforts. In sandy, energetic, nearshore environments, the migration, burial, and re-exposure processes all have the potential to be active depending on munition properties and forcing parameters. The goal of this work was to develop technology for surveying small-scale seafloor morphology and bathymetry, determining the location and state of burial of active Unexploded Ordnance UXO surrogates with embedded acoustic transponders, and conducting field measurements that span the relevant parameter space at the transition from burial to mobility. To further our understanding of UXO burial and mobility processes, a range of different size and density active UXO surrogates were deployed in energetic surf zone and tidal shoal environments. These deployments and surveys filled gaps in our knowledge in parts of parameter space conducive to high munition mobility energetic conditions, rapidly changing bathymetry, and a range of UXO densities that have not been adequately sampled by previous field efforts.

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Technical Report,01 May 2013,01 Sep 2016



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