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Electromagnetic Modeling, Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification for Antenna and Radar Systems Surfaces Scattering and Energy Absorption

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This effort concerns a variety of mathematical problems in the field of electromagnetic propagation and scattering, with applicability to design of antenna and radar systems, energy absorption and scattering by rough-surfaces. This work has lead to significant new methodologies, including introduction of a certain Windowed Green Function method WGF, which gives rise to electromagnetic isolation in the solution process and thereby enables effective use of hybridization of scattering solvers, it has lead to effective methods for simulation of Dielectric antennas and multi-material electromagnetic structures, it has resulted in a novel high-order Rectangular integration method which, relying on surface descriptions by non-overlapping patches, is well adapted to integral-equation solution on surfaces given in formats derived from Computer Aided Design, also known as CAD, and it has lead to new solvers for problems of Scattering by periodic arrays of cylinders at Wood-anomalies as well as Explicit, implicit and explicit-implicit time-domain FC methods of high-order of time accuracy for general hyperbolic and nonlinear parabolic systems--with application to the Maxwell system, the elastic wave equation, the Navier-Stokes equations, etc. We believe this work has given rise to significant advances in areas of mathematics and scientific computing closely related to important fields in science and technology. The windowed Green function method provides multiple important contributions concerning scattering in antennas, and periodic grating problems at Wood anomalies. The rectangular integration method delivers significant acceleration, up to a factor of fifty, in the accurate solution of general scattering problems including structures such as full electrically-large aircraft.

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Technical Report,15 Dec 2014,14 Dec 2016



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