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Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants of Lung Cancer Subtype: Adenocarcinoma to Small Cell Conversion

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Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research New York United States

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We hypothesize that detailed analysis of paired samples derived from EGFR-mutant adenocarcinoma and small cell lung cancer SCLC from the same patient will provide substantial insight into the determinants of subtype specificity. Preliminary data on one such case demonstrates a methylation profile in the recurrent SCLC that is indistinguishable from that of de novo SCLC, suggesting that a primary determinant of this histologic shift may be epigenetic. Our primary objectives are to use comprehensive genomic and epigenomic profiling of these closely related tumor pairs 1 to define key factors determining histologic subtype, and 2 to define biological pathways contributing to this mechanism of acquired resistance. With these objectives in mind, the specific aims of this grant are to comprehensively define the genomic sequence alterations Aim 1 and epigenomic DNA methylation changes Aim 2 in paired samples from individual patients with EGFR-mutant adenocarcinoma and recurrent EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor-resistant SCLC.

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2014,31 Jul 2016




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