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A New Standard Recognition Sensor for Cognitive Radio Terminals

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IETR / Suplec Cesson-Svign France

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We present in this paper a new Blind Standard Recognition Sensor BSRS. It is one of the most important sensor of our new concept called the Sensorial Cognitive Radio Bubble. This concept aims at giving more sensorial information to the cognitive terminal for safety utilization. The BSRS is composed of the combination of several signal processing elements from our own and from the literature. It is decomposed on three steps band adaptation step, analysis step and fusion step. In the analysis step, the extraction of different features from the received signal is processed with different sensors to extract the information about the bandwidth, channel filter shape, singlemultiple carrier signal, frequency hopping or Direct sequence access, and telecom signal detection. Then, using all these features, with an adequate fusion process it is possible to recognize any standard in use in the vicinity of the terminal within a large number of current commercial wireless standards.

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Conference Paper

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15th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2007) , 03 Sep 2007, 07 Sep 2007, See also AD1029203.



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