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Discovery of Host Factors and Pathways Utilized in Hantaviral Infection

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Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia United States

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Hantaviruses are negative-sense RNA enveloped viruses that are transmitted to humans in aerosols of rodent excreta. Hantaviral infections are associated with two significant human diseases hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome HFRS which is caused by Old World viruses found in Europe and Asia Hantaan, Seoul, Puumala and Dobrava viruses or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome HPS caused by the New World viruses of the Americas Sin Nombreand Andes viruses. A goal of this project is to utilize high throughput genetic screens to define common cellular pathways, and broadly effective inhibitors targeting these pathways, that impact numerous hantaviruses. In the longer run, we hypothesize that the host factors identified by the proposed research will lead to new druggable targets for combating hantaviral infection.

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2015,31 Aug 2016



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