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AE9/AP9/SMP: New Models for Radiation Belt And Space Plasma Specification

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Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate Kirtland AFB United States

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A new set of models for the flux of particles in the Earths inner magnetosphere has been developed for use in space system design and other applications requiring a climatological specification. Denoted AE9, AP9, and SPM for energetic electrons, energetic protons and space plasma, respectively, the models are derived from 33 data sets measured by satellite on-board sensors. These data sets have been processed in a manner to create maps of the particle fluxes together with estimates of uncertainties due to both imperfect measurements and space weather variability. Furthermore, the model architecture permits the Monte-Carlo estimation of the time evolution of fluxes and derived quantities, e.g. the median and 95th percentile, along an arbitrary orbit. An overview of the model will be presented, addressing in particular the latest AE9AP9 version release.

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Conference Paper

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SPIE Defense Security and Sensing Conference , 05 May 2014, 09 May 2014,



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