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Defense Organization Officials Did Not Consistently Comply With Requirements for Assessing Contractor Performance

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Department of Defense Inspector General Alexandria United States

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We determined whether officials from Defense organizations completed comprehensive and timely contractor performance assessment reports PARs for nonsystems contracts as required by Federal and DoD policies. Nonsystems contracts include contracts for operations support, services, and information technology. This is the fourth in a series of audits of DoD compliance with policies for evaluating contractor performance. The purpose of a PAR is to provide source selection officials with information on contractor past performance. Government officials prepare PARs in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System. The audit universe consisted of 1,622 contracts, valued at 75.9 billion, for which officials prepared PARs for 684 contracts, valued at 36.2 billion. We selected a nonstatistical sample of four contracting offices and 150 contracts, valued at 39.5 billion. Of these 150 contracts, we reviewed 53 PARs, with a total contract value of 10.7 billion. See Appendix A for a complete discussion of the audit universe and sampling methodology.

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