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Model-Based Compositional Reasoning for Complex Systems of Systems (SoS)

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Dependable Computing LLC Charlottesville United States

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This report was developed under a SBIR contract. A system interface abstraction technology, a novel theory and framework that enables system of systems analysis, was developed in this effort. SoS analysis is a major challenge area due to the complexity of behavioral interactions possible in an SoS. Testing of these systems cannot provide adequate coverage or assurance of correct behavior. Compositional analysis, which reasons about system behaviors from component abstractions, offers a compelling alternative, but requires that 1 components provide the guarantees claimed under stated assumptions and 2 assumptions stated are comprehensive. System interface abstraction technology provides necessary support through 1 formal analysis and argument-based reasoning of component context, assumptions, and guarantees and 2 formal analysis and argument-based reasoning of compositional properties based on components. System interface abstraction technology is comprised of four key elements 1 a novel theory of SoS engineering 2 a novel assurance-case technology for argument composition 3 a novel theory of enhanced formal contracts and 4 a novel compositional analysis framework. The technology is demonstrated by application to examples 1 a novel, argument-based response to a hypothetical request for proposals for a simple system of systems and 2 a hypothetical small unmanned aerial system UAS.

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SBIR Report,15 Aug 2014,14 Oct 2016



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