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Optimization of Marine Forces Reserve Equipment Redistribution

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This research creates the Marine Corps Equipment Redistribution Model MCERM. MCERM is a mathematical optimization model that can be used as a decision-support prototype to guide Marine Forces Reserve MARFORRES in planning asset redistribution to satisfy subordinate units training and equipping requirements. MCERM implements a mixed-integer, linear program that selects sets of equipment transfers between units in order to raise overall readiness for priority units. MCERM optimally minimizes both a a function of transit distance and equipment size to transfer equipment to a unit used as a surrogate for actual transfer cost, and b inventory shortages. MCERM allows planners to influence recommended transfers by a placing a weighted penalty on transfers that cross between commands, and b increasing the shortage penalty over the transfer penalty. It also enables the use of substitute equipmentat an additional penalty. A realistic test case analyzes all equipment to unit ownerships reported by MARFORRES on April 22, 2016. From the results, MCERMs recommended transfers decreased the overall shortage penalty by a large margin while incurring a relatively low transfer penalty. This prototype enables planners to review the entire MARFORRES equipment redistribution problem, select optimized solutions, and perform fast sensitivity analysis on the competing objectives.

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