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Stability Models for Augmentor Design Tools and Technology Assessment

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Stanford University Stanford United States

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The overall objective of the project is to computationally and experimentally design and study new flame stabilizers for augmentor systems that lead to an improved static flame stability. The main objectives of the project are I development of various newly designed bluff body bases, 2 experimental investigation of static flame stability with the various prototype base geometries and 3 demonstration of numerical predictions of the experiments. in accordance with these objectives, the experimental studies have focused on proposing local cavity based base geometries and investigating their effect on liftoff heights and blowout limits under the following flame configurations I partially premixed flame in an high temperature vitiated flow, 2 a partially premixed flame in the room temperature air flow and 3 a fully premixed flame and 4 a hybridfully and partially premixed flames.

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STTR Report,13 Nov 2007,11 Nov 2008



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