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MEMS Terahertz Focal Plane Array With Optical Readout

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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The terahertz THz spectral range remains a relatively untapped portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. THz radiations unique ability to penetrate non-metallic materials presents an exciting opportunity for many imaging applications. The purpose of this research is to investigate a unique imaging method using a THz radiation source and metamaterial absorber. By using a metamaterial absorber, the THz detection frequency of interest can be tuned by controlling geometrical parameters with nearly 100 absorption. THz sensing can be achieved by integrating a metamaterial absorber with bi-material legs to form a sensor. Moveable mirror like surfaces on the backside of the metamaterial under THz absorption can cause a deflection of visible light and from it, the original image can be reconstructed using an optical readout system.In this thesis, the construction of the optical readout system for characterization of sensor pixels as well as THz imaging is described.

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