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Chemical Behavior Under Extreme Conditions

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University of California Los Angeles United States

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Computed ultrafast, attosecond, electron migration in LiH where the axis of the molecule is along the z direction. The computation demonstrates the control that can be applied via the polarization of the pump laser. Shown is a three dimensional plot of the motion of the electronic dipole of LiH. Shown are the x and z components of the dipole as time unfolds. The pump pulse is short, about 1 fs. Left. A pump pulse polarized in he z direction. The dipole oscillates along z and there is no component along the x axis. Right. A pump polarized along the xz direction. The longest period is a rotation of the dipole about the axis of the molecule with a period of about 4 fs. This period is indicated.

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Technical Report,01 May 2006,11 Jan 2008



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