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Quantum Image Processing and Storage with Four Wave Mixing

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University of Maryland College Park United States

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Interest in the field of quantum optics has largely been motivated by demonstrating the unique features of the quantum world in the context of light. Taking advantage of these quantum properties of light to make advances in the context of metrology and measurement science has been the practical goal of our lab, and of the work supported under this grant. In particular, while many groups have worked toward demonstrating quantum features of light and how they can be used to advantage in fundamental scientific as well as some practical experiments, it has often been in the restricted context of a single spatial mode. In imaging terms this means a single pixel in an optical system. Our goal has been to attempt to expand the quantum advantages into multi-pixel imaging applications as well as to improve and simplify some of the single-spatial-mode applications of squeezed light through the use of four-wave mixing 4WM in atomic vapors.

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Technical Report,01 Feb 2013,30 Jun 2016



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