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Reaching Higher Gamma in Ultracold Neutral Plasmas Through Disorder-Induced Heating Control

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Brigham Young University Provo United States

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This is the final report on project FA9950-12-1-0308, Reaching higher Gamma through disorder-induced heating control. Highlights from the grant include making the first ion temperature measurements in a multiply-ionized ultracold neutral plasma CaCa , making the first measurements of the ion temperature in a plasma that evolves from a dense Rydberg gas, and starting work on the first dual-species MOTand plasma. This project included three major activities. Thefirst was to explore the possibility of increasing the strong-coupling parameter in an ultracold neutral plasma by sequentially ionizing to higher ionization states. This work was motivated by a calculation indicating that it would be possible to quadruple the coupling parameter. The second major activity was to explore the possibility of using the Rydberg excitation blockade to pre-order the neutral gas before ionization. The third major activity was to build a new experiment to study energy relaxation in a dual-species ultracold neutral plasma.

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Technical Report,01 Jun 2012,31 May 2016



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