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Computational Modeling System for Deformation and Failure in Polycrystalline Metals

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The Ohio State University Columbus United States

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This project has made major developments in two areas that are of significant importance in modeling deformation and fatigue behavior of polycrystalline metals and alloys. The work has developed significant collaboration with researchers at AFRL and has received acclaim within the Air Force materials community. A book edited by the PI and D. Dimiduk is a result of this collaboration. The products developed includei 3D Polycrystalline Microstructure Reconstruction from FIB Generated Serial Sections for FE Analysis This work develops a robust CAD-based methodology for simulating 3D microstructures of polycrystalline metals and alloys from orientation microscopy images of material sections. This is followed by discretization into a 3D tetrahedral mesh for finite element FE analysis.ii Dual-Time Scale Finite Element Model for Simulating Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Crack Nucleation in Polycrystalline Alloys A major focus of this research is simulating fatigue crack initiation. A dual-time scale crystal plasticity finite element model is developed. A novel wavelet decomposition based multi-time scale methodology is proposed, which significantly reduces the computational time till crack initiation.

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Technical Report,01 Feb 2005,01 Dec 2008



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