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The Dilemma of Department of Defense Business System Modernization Efforts: Why Intended Outcomes Have Not Been Fully Met and What Needs to Change

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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Over the last twenty 20 years, the Government Accountability Office GAO has repeatedly found that the Department of Defenses DOD business systems have little continuity and that many systems perform similar tasking sand were classified as high risk. Despite this designation being made over twenty 20 years ago, the DOD has made little progress implementing the GAOs recommendations. The intent of this joint applied project JAP is not to merely discuss prior recommendations and findings regarding the DODs business system modernization program from the GAO and other stakeholders, but to identify and thoroughly discuss root causes that have prohibited the DOD from achieving full-implementation over the past twenty 20 years. The goal of this research is to expand upon data and information that is available through published literature and other sources by applying the unique work experiences of the authors as DOD Contact Specialists, as well as the authors academic perspectives resulting from knowledge obtained through the Contract Management cohort at Naval Postgraduate School NPS. Based on the authors experience and familiarity, the emphasis of this research was on the DOD contract writing systems CWS. This JAP seeks to report on the progress of DOD business system modernization efforts and develop a better way forward based on the findings to the following primary research questions1 What was the catalyst for the DODs recent business systems modernization efforts, and what is the current nature of that need 2 Why has the DOD failed to fully meet its business systems modernization objectives in a timely manner3 What additional action is needed for the DOD to fully achieve intended outcomes of its business system modernization objectives 4 Are there other potential outcomes of DODs business systems modernization efforts that have not been previously accounted for, or particular focus areas that may yield better results

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