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Underwater Acoustic Positioning Systems for MEC Detection and Reacquisition Operations

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville United States

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The Nautical Ordnance Mapping and Identification NOMAD is a long baseline acoustic positioning system that integrates high-accuracy time synchronization and wireless radio-modem telecommunications between bottom stations and a cabled pinger attached to a vessel-mounted surface station. The demonstration was performed August 2014 at Pat Mayse Lake, TX. Positioning accuracy in four separate pingerpole tests ranged from 30cm mean with standard deviation of 24cm to 65cm mean with a standard deviation 60cm, which include an estimated 15cm error due to the measured pingerpole tilt. Accuracies improved with experience, the better accuracies were achieved at the end of the field activities and are attributed to lessons learned from earlier deployments. Magnetometer data positioning proved more difficult. Average anomaly repeatability was 1.6m with a standard deviation of 0.9m. The ease of setup met its performance objectives the whole system can be deployed and calibrated in 30 to 45 minutes, and retrieved in less than 10 minutes.

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2007,01 Jan 2016



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