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3D Printed Composites for Topology Transforming Multifunctional Devices

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University of Colorado Boulder Boulder United States

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The goal of the research was to develop a new methodology for the fabrication and the design of new multifunctional composites and devices using 3D printing. The main accomplishments of this project can be summarized as follows 1 Proposing and demonstrating the 4D printing concept and novel printed active composites PACs 2 developing multiple PAC continuum mechanics PAC models of various levels of accuracy and complexity 3 developing the 4D printing concept to design PACs undergoing multiple shape changes 4 developing a PAC-based concept that enables reversible shape changes 5 application of PACs for printed origami design 6 developing a finite element framework for the optimum design of PACS by topology optimization 7 optimizing and experimentally characterizing PACs that undergo desired shape changes.

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Technical Report,15 Jul 2013,14 Jul 2016



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