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Cost Estimates Of Concentrated Photovoltaic Heat Sink Production

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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The focus of the thesis is the formulation of a credible, reasonable, and professionally developed cost analysis of adding optimized cooling technologies to concentrated photovoltaic CPV systems. Current CPV systems use basic heat sink designs to increase efficiency. Modern heat sink design can achieve greater overall efficiencies of electricity generation. As the CPV market has matured, production costs have come down to near flat-panel photovoltaic PV production costs. CPV units outperform flat-panel PV units in areas of high direct normal irradiance DNI in terms of electricity generation efficiency and power produced per square meter. Gains in efficiency should shorten payback periods for CPV systems, if they are not prohibited by high upfront costs of manufacturing and installation. Ultimately, a better understanding of cost drivers in CPV unit production will help in the making of a more informed selection of optimal technology for Department of DefenseDepartment of the Navy self-sufficient solar power for our bases. This research will help further U.S. Navy energy goals by increasing alternative energy ashore and its use across the Navy.

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