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Ultrafast Spectroscopic Noninvasive Probe of Vertical Carrier Transport in Heterostructure Devices (Second year of three year progress report)

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Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Adelphi United States

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Optical-based approaches have the advantage of being noninvasive and nondestructive, and can usually be performed without modification to the sample. We propose to merge two ultrafast spectroscopy methods, pump-probe spectroscopy and time-domain THz spectroscopy TDTS, to realize a femtosecond-resolution double-pump-probe spectroscopy technique tunable from the visible through long-wave infrared LWIR wavelength range. Our approach allows us to examine not only the transient concentration due to an appropriate pump pulse, but also the time-resolved THz radiation induced by the probe pulse. By analyzing the resulting kinetic profiles, one can obtain critical information about the internal electric fields, radiative and non-radiative recombination rates, carrier drift and diffusion times, and electron and hole velocities.

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