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Micellar Drug Delivery and Proteomics Analysis for Effective Treatment of Resistant Prostate Cancer

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University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha United States

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We found good synergy between XIAP inhibitor embelin and anti-androgen such as bicalutamide and its analog CBD-IV 17 in killing prostate cancer cells. Since antiandrogens and XIAP inhibitor were highly hydrophobic, they were solubilized in polymeric micelles prepared using our newly synthesized copolymer, polyethylene glycol-b-poly carbonate-colactidePEG-b-pCB-co-PLA. Following in vitro characterization in terms of particle size and drug loading, these formulations were tested in prostate tumor bearing mice. Sequential administration of bicalutamide followed by embelin was more potent in regressing prostate tumor growth in mouse xenografts compared to monotherapy. Micelles usually are not very stable and tend to disintegrate upon dilution in the blood stream.

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2014,14 Sep 2015



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