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C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (C-5 RERP)

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U.S. Air Force Wright Patterson Air Force Base United States

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The C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program C-5 RERP is the second phase of a two-phase modernization program for the C-5. The Avionics Modernization Program was Phase I and is the baseline for C-5 RERP. Following completion of Phase II, C-5 RERP, the aircraft is designated a C-5M. C-5 RERP is a comprehensive modernization effort that will improve aircraft reliability, maintainability, and availability. C-5 RERP will enable the C-5M to achieve wartime mission requirements by increasing fleet availability mission capable rates and departure reliability, reducing total ownership costs, and improving aircraft performance. This effort centers on replacing the current TF39 engine with a more reliable, commercial off-the-shelf General Electric GE CF6-80C2 F138-GE-100 military designation turbofan engine with increased takeoff thrust, stage-3 noise compliance, and Federal Aviation Regulation pollution compliance. In addition to new enginespylons, C-5 RERP will provide upgrades to wing attachment fittings new thrust reversers and auxiliary power units upgrades to the electrical, hydraulic, fuel, fire suppression, landing gear, and pressurizationair conditioning systems and airframe structural modifications. These aircraft improvements increase payload capability and access to communication, navigation, surveillanceair traffic management airspace. C-5 RERP also decreases aircraft time-to-climb, increases engine -out climb gradient for takeoff, improves transportation system throughput, and decreases engine removals. The procurement tempo to deliver a C-5 RERP aircraft is a three-year process. The first year is advance procurement of material with longer than 12 months duration to buy and deliver, the second year involves material procurement and fabrication, while the third and final year is installation on the aircraft.

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