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B-2 Extremely High Frequency SATCOM and Computer Increment 1 (B-2 EHF Inc 1)

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U.S. Air Force Wright-Patterson Air Force Base United States

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The aging Ultra High Frequency UHF Military Satellite Communications MILSATCOM system is being phased out and replaced by the Advanced Extremely High Frequency AEHF Satellite Communications SATCOM system. B-2 Extremely High Frequency SATCOM and Computer Increment 1 program B-2 EHF Inc 1 supports the replacement of the present B-2 UHF Terminal Set with an EHF SATCOM system that will be compatible with the legacy EHF Satellite MILSTAR III constellation and the future AEHF satellite constellation. The B-2 EHF Inc 1 system is one element of a system-of-systems that includes the AEHF satellites, multiple platforms, and the Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Site Terminals. The B-2 EHF upgrade is a three-increment program. Increment 1 will provide upgraded flight management computer processors, increased data storage, a re-hosted Flight Management Operational Flight Program, and a high bandwidth data bus in order to prevent degradation of existing capabilities resulting from EHF SATCOM installation. Additionally, the Increment 1 Integrated Processing Unit and Disk Drive Unit architectures establish a high speed fiber optic structure network as well as maintain connectivity to legacy interfaces. Increment 1 provides a processing growth path to future B-2 upgrades. B-2 EHF Inc 2 would ensure continuing secure, survivable communication capability and B-2 EHF Inc 3 would enable the B-2 to interface with the Global Information Grid and provide Net Ready capability. This SAR addresses B-2 EHF Inc 1 only. Note EHF SATCOM Increment 2 was terminated on December 31, 2013 and Increment 3 was never started. Both Increments 2 and 3 were replaced with the EHF SATCOM program which is planned to begin development in FY 2016.

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