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Spin, Unit Climate, and Aggression: Near Term, Long Term, and Reciprocal Predictors of Violence Among Workers in Military Settings

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The University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio United States

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The primary goal of the proposed effort is to conduct a prospective study evaluating potential near term and longer term predictors of various forms of aggression and closely related constructs e.g., physical assault, verbal aggression, anger rage, bullying, harassment, intimate partner violence as well as physical health and mental health outcomes often associated with exposure to aggression e.g., drug alcohol use, burnout, suicidal ideation. The proposed effort includes both individual level variables e.g., differences in within-person variability in emotional state, known as spin and group level variables e.g., unit climate hypothesized to impact aggression, health, and mental health. Because we anticipate many of the relations may be bi-directional e.g., aggression influences health, which also influences aggression, the study will consist of several waves spanning roughly 14 months. During this project year PY2, our team completed and submitted our literature review, refined and deployed our recruitment materials, and launched the prospective study.

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2015,31 Jul 2016



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