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Going for Gold: A Path Toward Petroleum-Independence in the 2030 Air Force

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Air War College Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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Even as it projects power around the globe, the Air Force is becoming one of the United States most troubling strategic vulnerabilities. Airpowers dependence on foreign oil threatens U.S. preeminence across the spectrum of future operations, with supply and price stability increasingly at risk. Reversing this ominous trend requires the Air Force to embrace next-generation technology to help reduce and replace the fuel currently consumed by aviation. By developing highly efficient aircraft and incorporating domestic alternative fuels, the Air Force can break its addiction to oil and secure its energy independence. Furthermore, the efficiency of tomorrows fleet will have the salutary effect of dramatically reducing Air Force fuel expenses. If energy is the feedstock of the global economy, Americas favorite flavor is oil.

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1018702




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