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Sacred Values, Strategic Communication, and Military Operations in Afghanistan

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Air War College Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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Fictional Star Treks United Federation of Planets Prime Directive guides Starfleet operations through 726 episodes and eight movies.1 The doctrine dictates techno-socially advanced societies non-interference in the development of primitive civilizations. Moral dilemmas and problematic dramas unfold when space-crew leadership beams into backward cultures, judges egregious desecration of universal values, and engages in corrective actions. Gene Roddenberry 1921-1991 scripted this 24th Century science fiction mandate consistent with 17th Century Westphalian principles of state sovereignty, which prohibits nation-states interference in each others internal affairs, no matter how well-intentioned. Identifying nation-states as dysfunctional failed, rogue, tyrannical, genocidal, etc. and worthy of forcible change is very controversial and risky business. Legal and moral authority rests on effective strategic communication of United Nations UN internationally sanctioned end-states that align consistent ways and means of achievement. Interventions yield narratives that record dramatic stages of conflict over competing ideologies. Populations that adopt necessary changes hope to achieve the promise of better futures - both identities and cultures will be modified in the process.

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