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Asymmetrical Gain of Irregular Forces

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AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE Maxwell Air Force Base United States

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Irregular forces are recruited or defect in conflict environments throughout the full spectrum of conflict. Whether during an unconventional warfare environment or in a subsequent COIN or conventional fight, any irregular fighters that join the Coalition are often utilized and not effectively disarmed, demobilized, and reintegrated effectively back into the post-conflict target population. Existing doctrine is compartmentalized within various organizations and often conflicts with other doctrine or omits critical phases for these irregular fighters. The bottom line is that when an armed civilian irregular is recruited, their journey from that moment through their entire utilization and eventual reintegration back into the population needs to be planned and executed with a common doctrinal based methodology that spans joint publications and nests with other government agencies OGA and international governmentnon-government organizations IGONGO. With future conflicts likely remaining in the irregular warfare arena, planners across the military instrument of power disciplines must synergize a cohesive and adaptable line of operation for irregular forces that provides a cradle to grave methodology for every irregular fighter integrated into the fight. This paper proposes one such concept, and provides the necessary existing doctrine that is currently available in fragments across the military and non-military spectrum. United Nations doctrine such as Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration DDR is blended with Systemic Operational Design SOD, Counterinsurgency COIN, Foreign Internal Defense FID, and Unconventional Warfare UW to demonstrate a full-spectrum adaptable methodology that draws upon lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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