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Emerging Technology Creator of Worlds

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In the year 2016, many of these predictions have either come true, are in progress, or surely will materialize within the next 509 years. Throughout history, mankind has maintained the desire to continually expand the bounds of science and nature in search of something newsometimes benefitting the species, at other times threatening it. Just as the nuclear revolution led to advances that would threaten the world, it also created opportunities to benefit mankind. Twenty years after the first use of a nuclear weapon, Robert Oppenheimer recalled his feelings about it, quoting from the Bhagavad Gita, Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Today, one can imagine, indeed, expect and rely on science to proclaim Now I am become life, creator of worlds. Similarly, from nuclear weapons to nuclear medicine, current emerging technologies offer many of the same challenges and opportunities. Consider for a moment several technologies from 20 years ago that are no longer emerging but, rather, mature and commonplace stealth, precision, and machine automation, among others.

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