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Modelling Metrics for Mine Counter Measure Operations

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DRDC - Center for Operational Research and Analysis Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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In this scientific report, we present a methodology to determine the expected probabilities of detection of a target based on multiple looks at that target. We provide a sensitivity analysis of the probabilities of detection based on the number of looks, tactics and cross sections. Generally, the probability of detection improves significantly with the number of looks. Its value can vary substantially with the search and detection tactics as well as the cross section of a target. There are three tactics identified here where each look is independent of the others. The first tactic is a globally optimal tactic where the consecutive look angles are equidistant. The second tactic distributes the look angles randomly. The third tactic imposes the same angle for all look angles. In addition, we extract the guaranteed best angle of the broad side of a target from the first tactic. For each tactic, we propose an example of a corresponding search pattern.The methodology in this report can be implemented easily on any computational symbolic software MathCad version 14 was used herein. We hope to make the search and detection community aware of the phenomenologies of multiple looks, and hope that the material presented will be incorporated into the mine search and detection tactics of the CAF.

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