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Automatic Target Cueing (ATC) Task 1 Report - Literature Survey on ATC

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MDA Systems Ltd. Richmond, BC Canada

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Under the mandate of Future Small Arms Research FSAR program, Defence Research and Development Canada DRDC will examine existing and future technologies for small arms capabilities with the objective of identifying technologies which could increase shot placement accuracy and reduce engagement time. Automatic Target Cueing ATC is considered as one of the key enablers in future small arms technology. The goal is to assess feasibility and capability of Assisted Target Engagement ATE in small arms by combining ATC with electronic ignited ammunition and small arms weapons. It is believed that ATE may help improving shot placement and shortening engagement time in some situations. The objectives of this project are to conduct a feasibility study and provide software development support on Automatic Target Cueing ATC and Facial Recognition FR invisible and infrared spectrum for military operations. The project consists of seven tasks the first two tasks are related to literature survey of ATC and FR, the next two tasks are related to the study and evaluation of existing ATC and FR products, while the last three tasks are related to enhancing existing DRDC system and developing new ATC capabilities.

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Technical Report,02 Aug 2013,31 Mar 2014



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