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Fullerene Derivatives and Aluminum-based Nanothermites as Potential New Ammunition Primers

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Numerica Technologies Inc Quebec, Quebec Canada

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The possibility to ignite a material with a low-energy irradiation is very interesting and may have applications in the ignition systems of gunpowder. In 2002, it was demonstrated that certain types of carbon nanotubes SWNT could burn by simple exposure to a conventional photographic flash. Then in 2010, it has been shown that derivatives of fullerene Csub60 can be heated to the point of ignition by laser irradiation of low intensity. The ignition is achieved by irradiation in the near infrared 785 nm as well as green light 540.5 nm and blue light 488 nm at intensities as low as 100Wcmsup2, The fullerene derivative compound that appeared to be the most attractive was polyhydreoxyfullerene Csub60OHsubn or fullerenol. The company BuckyUSA commercializes fullerenes and fullerenol. The cost of 10 grams of the Csub60 fullerene is 250.00 USD while the derivative fullerenol marketed with the molecular formula Csub60OHsub18-22 is much more costly at 1000.00 USD for 1 gram thus 40 times more expensive. Was acquired 1 gram of fullerenol Csub60OHsub18-22 for its characterization and to perform some ignition tests and 10 grams of fullerene Csub60 to develop a methodology for the production of fullerenol at a lower cost.

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