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Multiscale Modeling of Multiphase Fluid Flow

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Flight Systems Integration Branch (AFRL/RQQI), Power and Control Division Wright-Patterson Air Force Base United States

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A multiscale modeling approach including molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics was carried out address the disparate time and length scales involved in modeling fluid flow and heat transfer. Molecular dynamics simulations were carried out to provide a molecular level understanding of the transport properties of surfactant aqueous solutions the solvent effects on the solubility of the thermal decomposition reaction products of ammonium carbamate and the temperature dependence of the accommodation coefficient of liquid octane. Computational fluid dynamics methods were used to investigate the heat transfer process in open-cell micro-foam with phase change material enhancement of natural convection for fluid media in an enclosure and thermal effects on vortex-induced vibrations.

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Technical Report,01 Oct 2014,30 Jan 2016

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1016834



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