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#eVALUate: Monetizing Service Acquisition Trade-offs Using the QUALITY-INFUSED Price(copyright) Methodology

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National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Chantilly United States

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The federal government persistently fails to make service contracts a managed outcome. Consequently, the three objectives of public procurement transparency, value for money, and meeting requirements are jeopardized. This research identifies the culprits as methodologies that are incompatible with the characteristics of services. These methodologies involve best-value source selection and contractor performance-information collection and evaluation. A new method of best-value proposal evaluation is offered that enables the buying agency to validly measure service quality, then to trade off levels of service quality with price, resulting in a Quality-Infused Price QIPcopyright.

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Journal Article - Open Access

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Defense ARJ , 23, 2, 01 Jan 0001, 01 Jan 0001,



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