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U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, Price Reasonableness Determinations for Federal Supply Schedule Orders for Supplies Need Improvement

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Department of Defense Inspector General Alexandria United States

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Objective. We determined whether U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracting officers made determinations of fair and reasonable pricing for General Services Administration Federal supply schedule orders awarded for purchases of supplies. We reviewed a nonstatistical sample of 33 orders, valuedat 13.6 million. Findings.Contracting personnel at the U.S. ArmyEngineering and Support Center, Huntsville CEHNC, made adequate price reasonableness determinations for 8 of 33 orders, valued at 3.6 million of 13.6 million, reviewed. Specifically, CEHNC contracting personnel compared the prices from more than one technically acceptable vendor quote and selected the lower vendor quote. However, CEHNC contracting personnel did not adequately document and support their price reasonableness determinations for 25 orders, valued at 10 million.

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