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DoD Actions Were Not Adequate to Reduce Improper Travel Payments

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Department of Defense Inspector General Alexandria United States

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We determined whether DoD actions to reduce improper payments in the DoD Travel Pay program were effective. Finding DoD Component actions were not adequate to reduce estimated improper payments in the DoD Travel Pay program. The Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller Chief Financial Officer reported that estimated improper payment rates for the DoD Travel Pay program increased from 5.0 percent for FY 2012 to 6.5 percent for FY 2013 and 7.0 percent for 2014. The estimated rates missed the improper payment reduction goals for each of those years. This occurred because the corrective actions that DoD Components developed did not include steps to identify the reasons that authorizing officials approved deficient vouchers for payment. In addition, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service did not provide error reports to all DoD Components that made improper payments. As a result, DoD will continue to be at high risk for making improper payments for travel.

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Technical Report

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1016479



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