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Field Verification-Interrogation and Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Techniques Recommendation (REDACTED)

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Department of Defense Inspector General Arlington United States

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What We Did. We conducted a field verification of actions taken In response to a recommendation in OIG Report No, 06-INTEL-10, Review of DoD-Directed Investigations of Detainee Abuse, August 25, 2006. The OIG report recommended that the Commander, US. Joint Forces Command USJFCOM develop policies that preclude the use of Survival, Evasion Resistance, and Escape SERE physical and psychological coercion techniques outside the training environment. What We Found. In response to the Recommendation The Commander, USJFCOM issued Personnel Recovery Guidance Memorandum, Prohibition on the use of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape SERE or Code of Conduct related Techniques for Interrogation Purposes, June 17, 2009.Based on the data collected during our DoD Level C SERE Schools site visits, we found that the Memo requirements were met. All accredited DoD SERE training included the provision in their respective student briefings and academic curriculum. SERE school military leadership took immediate proactive steps to formalize the requirement. Joint Personnel Recovery Agency J7, as the training action office, executed its oversight responsibilities throughout the implementation process. However, making the prohibition part of the permanent SERE training oversight guidance will reinforce and institutionalize the aforementioned actions.

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