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Market Research: Faster, Smarter and Predictive

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Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Washington United States

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Through implementation of the Increasing Small Business Participation, Including Through More Effective Use of Market Research Better Buying Power BBP 2.0 initiative, several actions were completed to support improving market research capability within the Department of Defense DoD. Although acquisition professionals perform market research today, they lack easy access to the decision-making information required at each instance where market research is required. In BBP 3.0, we sought to build on BBP 2.0 outcomes to broaden the use of effective market research, develop the tools necessary for all stakeholders and ultimately establish more efficient yet effective processes to reinforce market research as part of the culture of producing innovative solutions for the DoD. The goal is to identify and accelerate the correlation between the DoDs technological needs and the capabilities of organizations in the Defense Industrial Base DIB.The purpose of market research is to enhance affordability, to increase productivity and to identify and scale efficiencies in the DoD acquisitions processwith the desired goal of providing better value to both the taxpayer and the warfighter. An effective market research process will allow the DoD to 1 buysmarter, 2 increase small business participation both as prime contractors as well as subcontractors, 3 increase competition, 4 obtain better pricing,and 5 maintain high quality in both products and services acquisitions.

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