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Wanting It: Acquisition Lessons from Cheesy Cinema

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Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisitions Integration Washington United States

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the moment where, with clear eyes or through tears, the actor uses a scientifically calibrated and rigorously focus group- tested facial expression to convey to all watchers that he or she does, indeed, want it. This generally involves slowly raising the head from a downcast to an upright position, squaring the jaw andor shoulders, and adopting the Eye of the Tiger. Ideally, it should be raining when this occurs. Once the desire is suitably established, the training montagecan begin. Lets now rewind the film a bit and put ourselves in this movie. By ourselves, I mean the defense acquisition community. Consistent with the Hollywood formula, weve been told for years that were bums. We take too long, spend too much money, and deliver systems that dont live up to their promises. Were slugging along under a history of failed projects, epic cost overruns, unseemly delays, Nunn-McCurdy breaches, bad press, sustained protests and ridiculouslyexpensive toilet seats. Thats enough baggage to slump the shoulders of any aspiring hero. But somewhere, deep down in our hearts, we know we can be champions. And so the words of the Crusty Old Coach echo in our ears Ya gotta want it, kid.

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