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Pushing a Pull System: Transforming Marine Aviation Logistics

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Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program Washington United States

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The Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and despite changes in how America fights wars, logisticians and planners continue to push forward the heavy footprint of the Cold War era. In a modern battlespace, combatant commanders want logistics support that is agile, flexible, proactive, and able to surge. This support must also be capable of rapid deployment by air, sea, or land. More is not always better, especially when it is the wrong stuff. Without improvements to existing logistics doctrine, combatant commanders cannot leverage the full potential of their aviation weapon systems. Additionally, with a greater presence of unmanned weapon systems, it makes sense that supporting logistics systems also place fewer personnel in harms way. The Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program is transforming to align with core doctrine changes and concepts such as distributed and prolonged operations, expeditionary maneuver warfare, and sea basing. The goal of the new design, MALSP II, is to provide logistics support to deployed and non-deployed core capable units at higher levels of performance while also decreasing the infrastructure and resource inventory.

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