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Prediction of Acute Mountain Sickness using a Blood-Based Test

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University of Colorado, Denver Aurora United States

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In the last year we have completed analysis of Phase II of the project. In Phase I we showed that an RNA-based gene signature from a sample taken at sea level could be used to successfully predict in 9 out of 10 individuals who went onto develop acute mountain sickness or who was AMS resistant. In Phase II, results suggest a completely independent sample was equally effective in predicting AMS susceptibility and resistance. These results were presented to the scientific leadership at Fort Detrick last spring. Under the advisement of that review process we have taken an expanded view of the data we are using for predicting AMS. Specifically, in addition to the data collected in this project for Phase I and Phase II, we will add several data sets to the overall analysis. New dataset 1 is analyses of an additional 70 samples from Phase I.

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Technical Report,20 Dec 2014,19 Dec 2015



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