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Sharpening the Spear Through Innovative Acquisition: The F-5 Adversary Program

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Defense Acquisition University Fort Belvoir United States

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Todays naval aviators feel confident their tactics and training were instrumental in accomplishing the successful missions conducted during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In typical fashion, lessons learned will be documented and studied, then applied toward the development of new tactics and training procedures. Key to the development of lessons learned will be the Adversary Program that prepares Navy and Marine Corps pilots for the combat environment of the future. Air combat expertise that was vital to yesterdays operations will not necessarily be effective in tomorrows conflicts. As one means to ensure naval aviators remain ahead of the curve in terms of air combat expertise, the Adversary Program provides fleet fighter pilots with real-world airborne engagements that replicate validated threat tactics in the most credible manner possible. For that reason, the Adversary Program must use the best representative equipment available in the most realistic environment possible to ensure U.S. aviators continue to excel at their missions.

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