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The Climate/Team Effectiveness Survey: Another "Tool" for the Program Management Office Team

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Defense Acquisition University Mid-Atlantic Region California United States

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The challenges facing an acquisition Program Management Office PMO team are endless. With the charge to navigate an acquisition process that typically has innumerable moving parts at any one time--and all with a very thin margin of error in terms of meeting cost, schedule, performance, and affordability goals--every PMO team must be effective and adaptable across all phases of the acquisition process. Adding to this complexity is the PMO teams need to interface and coordinate with various key stakeholders and, potentially, some geographically dispersed organizational supporting sites. When a new program manager, or PM, takes command of a PMO, he or she is interested in determining just how effectively the PMO team works together while trying to identify specific focus areas that might need some level of dedicated leadership attention. So how does a PM and the PMO leadership team obtain fact-based information to act upon in the name of organizational improvement By what means can the PM determine how well the organization works together and possible focus areas that might warrant attention

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