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Development of a NURBS-Based Computational Method for the VAST Finite Element Program: Phase 2

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MARTEC Limited Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

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This report presents a recent project for further verification and enhancement of a recently developed NURBS-based computational method in VAST. This method has the potential for close integration of engineering analysis capability with Computer Aided Design CADsystems. It also has the advantages of preserving exact geometry of structures to be analyzed and providing a convenient means for mesh refinement. In a previous project, the NURBS-based formulation was implemented into the VAST program and verified for a wide variety of engineering analyses, including linear static, eigenvalue and nonlinear analyses involving plastic post-collapse responses of thin shell structures. In this work, additional verification of the NURBS-based element is performed and the numerical problems observed in the previous study were also investigated and resolved. A post-processing capability for the NURBS-based element is developed and the possibility for applying this element for solving practical engineering problems is also explored. This study confirmed advantages of NURBS-based elements from the computational point of view. An automatic model generator for NURBS-based elements still needs to be developed in the future.

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